Mon-Fri Specials Kick off at 3:00pm | Sat & Sun Specials All Day! | Happy Hour Mon-Fri 3-6pm

*Specials may be void during certain special events.


Pizza Monday

All Pizzas 10" 13.95 | 14" 24.95
Domestic Bottled Beer 5.00


Wing Time Tuesday

Double Cooked Wings
5.99 1LB | 11.98 2LBS | 17.97 3LBS
Wild Rose Pints 5.95
IPA, Wraspberry Ale, Velvet Fog,
Pink Velvet – ½ Fog & ½ Wraspberry


Wine Down Wednesday

Braised Riblets 6.99
By The Bottle Half Price
By The Glass $1 off 6oz | $2 off 9oz
Bottles of Corona 5.50


Burger Time Thursday

Vintage Burger 10.95
House Specialty Burgers 12.95
Common Crown Coppersmith 5.95


Fantastic Friday

Bookers Brisket Sandwich 11.95
Laughing Moose Lager Pints 5.95


Saturday Savings

Con Queso Dip 12.95
Bar Highballs 4.00
Jager & Burt Reynolds shots 4.00


Caesar & Steak Sunday

6oz AAA Steak Sandwich
Caesars Singles 5.95 | Doubles 8.50

We are sorry to say due to the new restrictions we will be temporarily closed.


We are working towards some new daily features and can’t wait to get back to serving our community. We will see you soon, YYC. Check out our social media for updates.